Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Buzzword a.k.a. Bullsh*t Bingo

I have been a recipient of some very creative e-spin lately. What is E Spin?

It's another form of how many new buzzwords can I jam into an email to see if someone is interested in something I have. The latest one was keying in on compliance and virtualization. What is it about a virtual machine and access to it that requires a new way to audit it? It still has an OS and if you're in a SAS-70 physically secured facility then you won't have undocumented acceess to the physical blades/instances anyway.

Some other cool buzzword E spin ideas:

How Green is your Virtual Compliance project?
How carbon neutral is PCI Compliance?
Haven't you virtualized your green compliance initiative?

What are your E-spins?


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