Monday, August 27, 2007

My PCIStuff 'Playbook'

For anyone trying to wrap their brains around how to implement a PCI compliant solution for their infrastructure, email me. I will send you the spec on what I have developed for two companies and was compensated to see it implemented (it exceeded the spec).

It is not a detailed step by step, 'buy this product', or 'implement it using this company' or other very specific how to (that's why people pay me). But it works, is not expensive, and I can offer a compliant solution as a service to keep it off balance sheet.

Please tell me who you work for and how I can help in the email. I keep track of this stuff for my own tracking. I did this with my identity management playbook and it wound up in the hands of folks all over the world and helped me establish some new relationships.



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