Friday, March 09, 2007

WiFi Audit solution - WiFi Owl

I had lunch yesterday with a former colleague and we hadn't seen each other for a while and got together for Sushi and to discuss the state of the Union as it were. One of the things that we were discussing was a wireless audit solution that satisfies some key components of PCI.

I thought I would let some folks know about it since wireless is EVERYWHERE in the Level 1's out there, they can't survive without it. This is the first wireless audit solution I've even heard about. There are a ton of wireless security plays out there like AirDefense, Cisco/Perfigo, etc. etc. but the audit capabilities are an oh by the way, vs. a core set of functionality to the solution.

Anyway, take a look - Wifi Owl is the name, and I think this has some legs, especially if they can OEM this as a component to other vendors with a weak auditing play in their product or for consultants and the certified auditors - I smell a margin booster...


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