Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hannaford you f-ing boneheads!

So this one hits close to home for me since I frequent Hannaford Brothers 2-3 times per week. It also hits even further close to home because I have contacted their CIO, CFO, and several folks in their IT group offering help for the past two years.


It is in my best interest to protect my information with the companies I do business with and especially those companies in my backyard.

Mr. Ron Hodge here is my list of people that I have contacted in the past two years to prevent this from happening. I will also tell you that this whole issue could have been prevented for under $200,000:

Bill Homa - CIO
Jeff Reeder - CFO
Kevin Carleton - Director of Retail Operations
Tricia Gilbert - IS Auditor
John McFarland - Enterprise Systems Team Lead

Add to this list past folks who either had the sense to leave before the sh*t hit the fan, or to bail before they were held accountable by some loudmouth like me:

Paul Fritzson - CFO
David Fournier - IT Security Specialist

If anyone from Hannaford Brothers reads this, please get back to me. I am still in a position to help, and I will wait for the phone call from Lifelock to see if the 1800 cases of fraud will include me soon.